Nudge Foundation: Why I’m giving something back to Croydon

By Az Chowdhury

Croydon is my home. It is where I live and it’s the community I was brought up in. I was also educated nearby and I really could not think of anywhere better to have started my business, Nudge Factory. Because I believe in the simple principle that charity begins at home, myself and others set up Nudge Foundation as a charitable grant-making body with a unique focus on this borough. Fundamentally, I want to give something back to Croydon, the place which has given me so much.

Nudge Foundation is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the causes of social inclusion, community cohesion, giving young people opportunities and increasing social mobility. These are all causes very close to my heart and underpin everything Nudge Foundation sets out to do.

Croydon is famous for being a diverse and dynamic place to live with a strong sense of community and identity. I’m proud to be part of that. We know that there are a great number of superb initiatives and programmes of all sizes already operating in the borough aligned to the Foundation’s aims, but we want to help out with funding. After all, charitable activity does not run on goodwill alone, it needs cash too.

As the old saying goes, Nudge Foundation believes in putting its money where its mouth is. That’s why my business supports the grants that the Foundation makes available. To this end, Nudge Factory has dedicated 2.5% of its annual profit to funding the Foundation and its work. Nudge Foundation is run by volunteers and governed by a board of trustees, of which I am one. Everyone involved is dedicated to enhancing the causes we’re all passionate about.

This year we are inviting applications from local organisations to apply for our first Community Grants awards. Three awards will be allocated: one award of £1,000 and two of £500 each, all assessed by our trustees. The application deadline is 5pm Monday 8 April and we cannot wait to see applications shaped on great ideas for initiatives on social inclusion, community cohesion, opportunities for young Croydon residents and increasing social mobility in the area. If you’re interested in our Community Grants, information on who can apply and how is on our website:

We particularly welcome applications which are aimed at: –

  • Developing skills through training or equipment;
  • Projects to help engage with young people;
  • Activities to help develop positive attitudes towards work and community engagement;
  • Projects which engage young people in enterprise and/or cultural activities;
  • Providing commercial skills in areas such as product development, marketing and sales;
  • And other ideas to improve community cohesion, youth opportunities and/or social mobility.

We really are an open book if you fall into these categories.

In a nutshell, Nudge Foundation wants to make a real contribution to organisations who are passionate about our fields of charitable activity in Croydon. So, please submit an application if you’ve got an idea or if you’re already doing good work but need some financial support. Of course, if you know anyone who may be interested, please let them know that we’re here too!

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