Nudge Factory Launch Nudge Knowledge

We are pleased to introduce a new service from Nudge Factory for 2017 – Nudge Knowledge.

Nudge Knowledge goes beyond the news and insights offered through our blogs and articles and will provide more in-depth reports, briefings and analysis on selected topics throughout the year. As well as hopefully being of use and interest to you, it allows us to indulge our inner geeks with detailed use of spreadsheets, charts, graphs and maps.

Our first Nudge Knowledge offering is a series of briefings on the Metro Mayor elections taking place in May 2017. The reports provide background on what a Metro Mayor is, what powers the Mayors will have once elected, as well as background analysis of the election itself, with details of candidates, party manifesto commitments, a breakdown of previous election results across the local authorities making each Combined Authority Area, and selected basic demographic data for the region.

Please feel free to download, use and share any of the information provided but, if you do, an acknowledgement would be nice!

Written reports on other topical issues will follow later in the year. And further into 2017 we will also be looking to commence occasional breakfast or lunch briefings and roundtable discussions on topics of interest to our clients. Watch this space for more details.

In the meantime, Nudge Factory can, of course, provide bespoke reports and briefings for clients on a range of different topics. To discuss how we may be able to assist you please contact David Park.


If you are interested in more information about Nudge Knowledge, please contact David Park (Partner) at

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