Ahzaz Chowdhury

Senior Partner

+44 (0)20 3637 5961

Ahzaz is the Founder and Senior Partner at Nudge Factory and has worked in public relations, public affairs and politics for more than a decade.

With a range of experience in the sector, Az has a thorough knowledge of UK political processes as well as strong contacts from Town Halls to Whitehall. He previously worked for the Conservative Party as an adviser.

Before founding Nudge Factory in 2011, he helped deliver the Conservatives’ social action initiative, the forerunner to David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ programme. Az’s work in this field helped shape how social value has been meshed into mainstream British politics. He also has in-depth experience as a political adviser in local government.

At Nudge Factory, Az leads the team of corporate affairs experts with infectious enthusiasm. He advises clients of all sizes, including global corporates, governments, hedge funds, private family offices and some of the largest developers in the world.

Az is a trustee of Nudge Foundation, a charity focused on causes he has a passion for: social inclusion, community cohesion and youth opportunities. He is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and a Freeman of the Guild of Entrepreneurs.

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